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The Stage 1 Audit

This post outlines the value of the Stage 1 Review in conformity assessment. Given that things are changing, temporarily you’d hope. it looks like an increasing number of these will be conducted remotely. In principle I have no issue with this, provided the integrity of the activity can be maintained, and it continues to be fit for purpose. Continue reading

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A Few Collected Wisdoms (updated for 2022)

A few things I’ve learned I get asked regularly to give advice on setting up a new business, changing career and so on, having been through the process and, to all outward appearances, made a decent fist of it. I’ve … Continue reading

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How to get a start in auditing

I often (and I mean OFTEN) get asked what is the best way to get a job as an auditor? I always give the same advice and it seems the advice works. Or at least it has worked for several … Continue reading

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Why hasn’t ISO 50001 matched the global success of ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 has been a success. It would be difficult to deny the impact of the standard has had in improving general standards of environmental management, albeit not in all sectors, and in some countries more than others. It has … Continue reading

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Taking Control of the Facts

Getting to the bottom of things is reaching that point where everything adds up and makes sense. When that’s not happening, you’ve not got to the bottom of things, so keep going. Continue reading

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