Reinforcing the mundane

With credit to Thomson, here is their current in-flight safety video. As a frequent traveller I can certainly confirm that if there is one thing that goes right over your head, it is the in-flight safety demo. Well just take a look at what they have done with it. Another very, very good piece of work.


…. and here’s another attempt to do much the same thing in a more “adult” way. Great fun, but a little distracting, I’d argue. I’ve actually watched this clip a few times, always for the wrong reason. At Capable People we understand the challenges that training brings and applaud anybody that tries to make it both fun and effective. However there is a balance to be struck. It is possible to get carried away with the performance and lose the message. My feeling is that this is what happens here. I’ll still give them 5 for effort, though …


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