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Hello. I am Shaun Sayers. I am the Founder and Managing Director of Capable People. Thanks for taking an interest in my professional blog.

Capable People is my day job and the main way that I earn my living. This blog is not really part of the commercial venture. The material I post here is all my own and, hopefully, interesting, useful and thought-provoking. When I say “all my own” I do occasionally post great articles from friends like Chris Baker, Karel Simpson and Rob Thompson. Capable People takes me all over the world. I like to travel, meet people and learn things. I get paid for doing it, too. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years. Before that I had proper jobs.

In addition to the material I post here, you might also catch me from time to time writing in the CQI magazine Quality World, or for the IRCA’s, INform. I’ve also presented at the IRCA’s annual conference in Yokohama, and at IOSH regional branch meetings, as well as contributing to numerous projects, committees and reviews for the CQI and the IRCA. Although, I must admit, I don’t work brilliantly in  groups.

Oh, I also help military personnel leaving the armed forces to find civilian work.


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Here’s a continually updated travel map that charts my lifetime comings and goings. Lots of pins. Not many in the southern hemisphere. That needs to change

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If, after reading what I’ve got to say on here, or flicking over to Capable People and deciding we’re better than the other more anonymous options out there, you want to get in touch and talk “work”, I’d be delighted to hear from you

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