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Fail Fast Fail Cheap

It’s the 21st century people, and we need to get with the program. There are some new rules to learn. I heard an interesting debate on the radio the other day. Two academics were arguing about the impact that the information age has had on us and the way we do business. One said it has been bad and (you guessed it) the other argued the opposite Continue reading

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Pressure for Change

Too many people jump straight into the “hows” of improvement before they understand the “why” and the “what’s in it for me”. Failure is a result. SURPRISE! Continue reading

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A Quality Management Parable

Let’s start the story at the beginning. Sometime in 2005 I was on my way back home on a Thai Air flight from Jakarta to Heathrow, via Bangkok. In Bangkok I was joined by a casually dressed, youngish Englishman. Little did I know that I was about to learn a lesson that would live with me for a while Continue reading

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Quality – The Men-Tei Approach

A case study in quality management – Japanese noodle cafe style Continue reading

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Quality Management Battlegrounds

For me the most efficient application of “quality management” relies on understanding where the battleground is. In a market where some things work and some don’t (or don’t work well, or don’t work for very long) the battleground is on product quality. When all things do work, where is the battleground? Continue reading

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