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ISO 31000 Risk Management (Part 1)

This short article is an introduction towards a two part blog entry on the subject of the standard on risk management, ISO 31000 Continue reading

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Definition of Risk

Why does ISO 9001:2015 define risk as the effect of uncertainty? Here are my reasons for saying it is just plain wrong Continue reading

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Managing risk – trust versus transparency

At what point does a trust based system constitute a foolhardy and irrationally optimistic position? Continue reading

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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is a hot topic at the moment, so I think it is probably an opportune time to re-post this excellent article that was written for this blog some time ago by Chris Baker, Technical Director at the Institute … Continue reading

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What is “risk”?

Too many people have no idea what “risk” actually means – let alone how risks can be mitigated or controlled. So let’s try and get to grips in this post with the fundamental principles Too risky … Risk is a … Continue reading

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