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What will an auditor accept?

A few days ago an old acquaintance called Pat (we go way back) called me up for a piece of advice. She wanted to rejig the way she did her internal audits and asked me if her auditor (from BSI, as it happens, although that is by the by) would accept the changes she wanted to make, or would he judge it to be non-conforming. I get asked similar questions quite often and, sadly, there is only one answer … However there is a solution and this is it. Continue reading

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Accept, Excuse, Deny, Ignore … (it’s cheaper)

Why do the certification bodies happily blame the auditee for weaknesses in the audit process? Because we let them Continue reading

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What a way to run a certification scheme

I have long been of the opinion that Certification Bodies should not be allowed to have a high influence on the review process where management system standards are concerned. Personally I don’t think they should be allowed a voice at … Continue reading

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