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What will an auditor accept?

A few days ago an old acquaintance called Pat (we go way back) called me up for a piece of advice. She wanted to rejig the way she did her internal audits and asked me if her auditor (from BSI, as it happens, although that is by the by) would accept the changes she wanted to make, or would he judge it to be non-conforming. I get asked similar questions quite often and, sadly, there is only one answer … However there is a solution and this is it. Continue reading

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Are 3rd party audits actually 1st party audits?

I’ve been thinking. Isn’t that more or less how 3rd party certification audits are positioned and dressed up these days? In fact, they even refer to the certified entity as “the client” (the person requesting the audit). They seem happy to flaunt the consultancy they often perform in tandem with the assessment, so certification bodies are hardly independent any more Continue reading

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