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The Stage 1 Audit

This post outlines the value of the Stage 1 Review in conformity assessment. Given that things are changing, temporarily you’d hope. it looks like an increasing number of these will be conducted remotely. In principle I have no issue with this, provided the integrity of the activity can be maintained, and it continues to be fit for purpose. Continue reading

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ISO 9001:2015 Human Factors

Most people that know anything about management systems understand that human factors have to be accounted for. You can’t simply write a procedure or implement a control and then assume that it will be adhered to. People are not like that. People can be lazy, selfish, tired, distracted, hacked off … all of which can reduce the chance that a procedure, no matter how correct and communicated, may not be followed all of the time. Continue reading

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Beginners’ guide to ISO 9001

A collection of links to some extremely useful posts concerning most things ISO 9001 Continue reading

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Auditing Non-Documented Procedures

Can you audit a process in the absence of procedures? Of course you can. This post explains how Continue reading

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Top Ten Unacceptable Corrective Actions

  How many people really understand “root cause”? How many people really make a serious attempt to apply clause 8.5.2c of ISO 9001 in the correct spirit? How many auditors (presumably for a quiet life) are quite prepared to be … Continue reading

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