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Top management and the management system

By popular demand I have responded to requests to explain why I think section 5 of ISO 9001 is a total dog’s dinner and why ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 do “top management” quite a bit better Continue reading

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Why doesn’t the “Quality Community” get it?

When are quality professionals going to wake up and smell the coffee? Quality is there to support the business – not the other way around! Continue reading

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Quality Policy and Quality Objectives

I feel compelled to write this post because the way some people interpret the ISO 9001 requirements frankly makes me weep. There is just the weird tendency where these requirements are concerned to get the priorities almost 100% wrong, to … Continue reading

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Management responsibility – A Deming’s eye view

There are echoes of Deming throughout ISO 9001, but we really need to invest the time and effort to understand the underpinning management philosophy before we dive in and run the risk of making a fool of ourselves through clumsy … Continue reading

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