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ISO 45001:2018: Some Observations

The standard itself adopts the Annex SL clause structure around which ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are already based. That means the PDCA sequenced clause 4-10 framework. As OHSAS 18001 was already PDCA sequenced, this is not a major uplift. There are a few issues that organisations will need to look closely at and, for me, at first sight at least, the most significant relates to Top Management involvement in the OHSMS. There is an interesting and significant addition – Worker Participation. Continue reading

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ISO 45001 Update (August 2017)

I’ll start this post by outlining the background and history of the transition of OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001, for those of you that may not have been following the saga, or for those of you that have been fed incorrect information Continue reading

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ISO 45001 Update

The development of ISO 45001 has been beset by delays as consensus amongst participating national bodies has been difficult to achieve. This led to the aim that ISO 45001 would be issued in October 2016 and that the FDIS stage would be omitted from the process (that is, it was hoped that comments The volume of comments and concerns raised by participating national bodies was very high and consequently ISO 45001 and the process of further consultation, will require a significant amount of work, meaning that, at this stage, the very earliest we can expect the standard to be issued in February 2017.
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Human Behaviour

The importance of considering human behaviour in management system design Continue reading

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A company will kill as many as it can

Business is business. Commercial companies exist to make money. This involves looking at your income and your costs and finding ways to make the difference between the two as big as possible. In some countries in the world death is expensive, in other countries life is cheap. Continue reading

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