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The Curious Case of the Inverted Hierarchy

Sometime last year I found myself working with a rather well known organisation. Part of my work involved understanding their operational risks and how they were mitigated. For that I needed to spend some time at the coal face. This is what happened … Continue reading

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A Quality Management Parable

Let’s start the story at the beginning. Sometime in 2005 I was on my way back home on a Thai Air flight from Jakarta to Heathrow, via Bangkok. In Bangkok I was joined by a casually dressed, youngish Englishman. Little did I know that I was about to learn a lesson that would live with me for a while Continue reading

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Deming on involvement of people

An exploration of how Deming considered the actions and behaviours of people within the context of system performance Continue reading

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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is a hot topic at the moment, so I think it is probably an opportune time to re-post this excellent article that was written for this blog some time ago by Chris Baker, Technical Director at the Institute … Continue reading

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Incentive schemes, good or bad for quality?

A post that explores the pros and cons of incentive schemes and compares the concept of incentive schemes with W E Deming’s views on work force motivation Continue reading

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