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In this post I will outline the factors that should be taken into consideration when making that choice, as EFQM and ISO 9001 tend to be used in different ways and to achieve different outcomes. Let’s look at the advantages of ISO 9001 application first. Continue reading

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EFQM and ISO 9001 – A comparison of approaches

A comparison of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the efqm model and iso 9001 Continue reading

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The EFQM RADAR Framework

For those of you who don’t know, the EFQM assessment process uses a numerical scoring system. Its not an exact science, of course, but it does help assessors rank and rate comparative data between companies and processes, and maintain a consistent approach. At the moment that scoring system is based on the “RADAR” Scorecard Continue reading

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The EFQM Enigma

The EFQM Model is not the silver bullet to cure organisational ills in the way it is often promoted as being. Here’s why Continue reading

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9th Annual IRCA Conference: Yokohama 2010

Find out what happened when Shaun Sayers of Capable People presented on the subject of “Auditing for Effectiveness” at the 9th Annual IRCA Conference in Yokohama, Japan Continue reading

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